What the Heck is a Play Silk?

What the Heck is a Play Silk?

Play silks: they are all the rage now with montessori learning and we are so excited to be carrying them in our shop! But what exactly are play silks? Well we are here to break it down and give some ideas on how you can use your whimsiekids play silks!

What is a play silk?

Well when it comes down to it, it is a piece of fabric, but in a child's eyes it is a cape, scarf, dress, kite, and so much more! Play silks have been around for decades even way back when when kids would play around with scraps of fabric in their parents sewing rooms. Luckily now we have beautifully hand-dyed 100% silk play silks designed to be versatile and playful!

How can my kids use them?

Use play silks as capes, or tie on a branch to make a gorgeously-organic flag

They make amazing dance party accessories. rhythmic gymnastics has never been better!

Tie around your child's waist for a stylish skirt or dress!

You can even just stare at them and admire their soft, flows beauty. go for it, we don't judge!

What have we learned?

Play silks are one of the most versatile toys capable of anything your child dreams up. to quote Cady Heron, when it comes to play silks, "the limit does not exist!"

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